Edgemont Youth Wrestling


Winter Wrestling Clinic

Grades:  2-6

Practices: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7 PM - 8:15 PM in EHS Old Gym

Season:  November 13, 2018 through January 17, 2019

Coaches: Pete Jacobson, Mike Mitchell, Brett Pastore & Staff (EHS Varsity Wrestling Coaches)

Fee: $190 (includes t-shirt, hoody and USA Wrestling Card for insurance)

Why Wrestling?

There’s no sport out there that focuses more on the positive development of kids than wrestling. Our program’s mantra is “Building Champions on the mat and in life” and that frames everything we do. Our goal is to provide an awesome experience for every wrestler, helping him or her build confidence, strength, coordination and resilience in a safe, supportive, positive environment. We have a great time doing it too!

What makes Edgemont Youth Wrestling special?

• Our program is run by professional coaches on our high school coaching staff, not just parents. Our sole focus is on providing a great experience for all our kids.

• Our coaches are assisted by current Edgemont varsity wrestlers who serve as great role models for our youth wrestlers.

• Our superior ratio of coaches to kids allows us to provide a safe, supportive, positive environment for all our young wrestlers.

• Our beginner wrestlers don’t compete against other schools. They’ll be plenty of time for competition later. Our goal is to the teach the sport in a way that’s fun, engaging and gets results using our games-based approach.

• Wrestling provides a unique blend of flexibility, agility, coordination, strength, endurance and general athletic development that pays big dividends in any other sport. While other sports focus on developing “players” of that sport, we focus on developing great athletes.

• By creating an atmosphere of challenge in an environment of support, we teach kids it’s ok to fail if they keep getting back up. We help them develop a growth mindset, grit and resilience - traits critically important to success in any part of their life.

Who are the coaches?

Unlike any other sport, our program is run by the professionals of our varsity coaching staff. Head Youth Coach Mike Mitchell wrestled locally in high school and was a two-time NCAA Finalist for American International University. Coach Brett Pastore wrestled collegiately at Shippensburg College and was a two-time Section Champion for Irvington HS. Coach Pete Jacobson has been the Varsity Head Coach for 16 years. He wrestled at Edgemont and went on to join the team at Cornell University. All have been working with Youth Level wrestlers for over 14 years.

Does my child need experience?

We focus on introducing the fundamentals of the sport in a fun and safe atmosphere. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Your child will be paired with others of equal experience and weight. The sessions are games-based and meant to be fun. The instruction of our experienced staff of varsity coaches, our varsity wrestlers, and a group of volunteer assistant coaches provide many opportunities for instruction, learning and, most importantly, FUN!

Will my child have to lose weight?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! There is NO place for weight loss in youth wrestling at Edgemont or elsewhere! In fact, our policy at Edgemont is to not ask our wrestlers to “cut weight” at any level Youth, Junior High or Varsity. To the contrary, we provide our wrestlers with information about nutrition, healthy choices and optimal performance!

Is wrestling violent? Will my child get hurt?

Wrestling is not a sport of violence. It is a sport of control. There are no high speed collisions like some other sports, and there is no hitting, punching or kicking. Wrestling is about using the skills you learn to control your opponent on your feet or on the mat. In fact, national statistics from the high school level show wrestling has far fewer injuries than many other popular sports.

What will my child get out of wrestling?

Wrestling will teach your child self-confidence, determination, will-power, strength, speed, balance and conditioning: qualities that will stay with him throughout his life! Click here to learn more about the benefits of wrestling.

What kind of wrestling tradition is there at Edgemont?

Wrestling is one of Edgemont’s most successful athletic programs. Last year, at the High School level, Edgemont had 10 Sectional place-finishers and a New York State Champion. We have produced at least one HS All-State wrestler every year for the past nine years. Many of our athletes got their start right here with Edgemont Youth Wrestling!

Are there additional Youth Wrestling opportunities?

Before and after the winter session, wrestlers will have the opportunity to continue in nearby wrestling clubs that compete in tournaments and matches.

Any other questions?

Please contact Coach Jacobson at peter.jacobson@edgemontwrestling.org.


The future starts here...

“My son has participated in the Edgemont Youth Wrestling program for 4 years, and he loves it. The program is the perfect mix of skill development and fun. I think the key is how dedicated the coaches are; they've gotten to know my son, and engage him in a way that makes him feel comfortable and confident. He's looking forward to returning this year because he wants to be with all of the friends he has made, and I'm excited that he will continue on the path of confidence building, discipline and community that he's enjoyed with Edgemont Youth Wrestling.”

  - David DePietto

“Our son Noah started wrestling in 2nd grade. I didn't know anything about wrestling, but Noah loves sports and was looking for a winter activity. Noah has grown to love wrestling. It's all about discipline, strategy and heart. The coaches have been great - cheering Noah on and giving him lots of encouragement. Wrestling works every muscle in your body, so Noah comes home after wrestling practice happy, starving and exhausted...what's better than that?”

  - Alison Bernstein

“The Edgemont Youth Wrestling program is great for our son Atticus. It helps him build speed, athleticism and self-confidence in a fun, safe, and welcoming environment. Wrestling is a very special sport because it can be taught more than any other sport. Kids wrestle against kids their own size and even those with meager athletic talent who work hard become champions.”

  - Zach Margulis-Ohnuma

“Nicholas really enjoys wrestling. He likes the challenges it brings and the great workouts. He has learned to become more self reliant as well as self confident in all he does because of the sport. He can't wait to get back to the mats!”

- Anthony Meglino

“I've seen my 8 year-old son Jonathan grow physically, mentally and emotionally, in no small part thanks to his involvement with wrestling. I've enjoyed watching him increase his strength, endurance and maturity, in many ways as a direct result of his wrestling experiences. Jonathan has great respect for the coaches and holds them in the highest esteem given their obvious love of wrestling and genuine desire to see their students succeed not just on the wrestling mat, but also in life.”

  - Jeff Rothschild