Why Wrestle?


Of all the sports choices a parent and child can make, wrestling is perhaps the best sport for overall physical development because it involves all muscle groups, and requires the greatest balance of athletic skills. Not only does wrestling improve balance, speed, agility and intensity, but it strengthens virtually all muscle groups in the body. During training a wrestler works on constantly improving their strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, speed and technique.

Young people are attracted to wrestling because they have been “practicing” the skills of the sport from an early age. Wrestling is a very natural thing for kids to do at a young age. Kids are always wrestling around in the yard or on the carpet in the house. Organized wrestling brings an element of safety and has many other benefits. Besides just the physical development, wrestling fosters:





•Respect for Others


•Work Ethic

•Competitive Spirit

•Goal Orientation

•Mental Toughness

•Drive and Determination

•Camaraderie and Sportsmanship

Wrestlers learn the value of preparation and hard work, and the role it plays in achieving one’s life goals. What wrestlers learn on the mat can be transferred to real life experiences. Wrestlers are self-reliant. They are mentally and physically fit. They have a great work ethic. They are self-disciplined, competitive and responsible. Wrestlers also are goal oriented and very confident.

Parents are attracted to wrestling because it is one of the safest sports – with fewer serious injuries than football, basketball or soccer. Thanks to the use of thick, foam rubber mats, one referee for every two wrestlers during competition (to ensure safety), and rules that are written with the safety of wrestlers in mind (no punching, body slams, or other dangerous, illegal moves), over 95% of injuries are limited to minor muscle pulls.

Parents are equally attracted to the sport’s egalitarian qualities – wrestling is truly a “sport for all.” Sons and daughters are given an equal opportunity to participate, regardless of size or shape – all competitors are matched up based on weight, and often times at the youth-level, based on experience and ability, as well. Size is not an issue as it may be in a sport like football or basketball. Parents can take pride in the success that their children enjoy.

School administrators are attracted to the high levels of participation that wrestling offers at the middle school and high school levels. While sports like basketball often must “cut” players and can only serve 15 players at a time, wrestling has no limit to the number of participants that can join a team in a given season. Varsity teams with more than 30 wrestlers are not uncommon in high schools across the state. This all comes at a significantly reduced cost from most other sports, with fewer equipment needs. Equally, school administrators appreciate the way that the sport helps to develop discipline, fitness, and confidence in a way that is unique to almost any other sport.

“Once you've wrestled, everything in life is easy.“

    - Dan Gable

“As the mother of 5 sons who have wrestled, I have witnessed first hand the value of the sport. Aside from the hard work and dedication they devote to wrestling, my boys have become better students and better people. The coaching staff ensures that the athletes are eating and sleeping well and getting their schoolwork done. As members of the team, wrestlers participate in service projects that benefit a local community center. I encourage anyone considering wrestling to give it a try - it is a life-changing sport.”

    - Betsy McCormack