Why Modified Wrestling?

Practices start Monday 11/19!

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“Building Champions on the mat and in life.”

That’s our program’s mantra at all levels and it ties back to everything we do. At the most fundamental level, our wrestling program is about developing character, leadership and confidence, as much as it’s about athleticism, strength and agility.

Our Coaches

Coaches Robert Breitenbach and Jedd Chesterson work tremendously hard to give each of our student-athletes an experience that mirrors these values. Coach Breitenbach has been coaching Modified Wrestling at Edgemont for 30 years and has worked with Coach Chesterson as his co-coach nine years. Coach Chesterson is also a Spanish teacher at Edgemont and coaches Modified soccer. Together, they have a ton of experience teaching 7th and 8th grade student-athletes the basics to make them successful!

Why is Modified Wrestling at Edgemont such a great experience?

  • Level Playing Field – wrestlers are paired with others of the same weight and experience level in competitions so it’s the fairest sport out there!
  • NO weight cutting –weight loss has NO PLACE in in Modified wrestling. Our program is about having fun and developing outstanding student-athletes. Wrestlers are weighed once at the beginning of the season and that’s it!
  • No cuts – we feel strongly that the experience we offer benefits all student-athletes so we go out of our way to make sure that everyone who wants to be part of this program can be!
  • Everyone competes – no starters, no benchwarmers, no concerns about playing time!
  • Emphasis on team building and fun!
  • No experience necessary – every year we take student-athletes who know nothing about wrestling and teach them everything they need to know!
  • Cross-Training for other sports – Wrestling provides a unique blend of flexibility, agility, coordination, strength, endurance and general athletic development that pays big dividends in any other sport. While other sports focus on developing “players” of that sport, we focus on developing great athletes.
  • By creating an atmosphere of challenge in an environment of support, we teach kids it’s ok to fail if they keep getting back up. We help them develop a growth mindset, grit and resilience – traits critically important to success in any part of their life.

There’s a reason that wrestling is the most successful athletic program at Edgemont and our values and philosophy are the core drivers.

Learn More!

If you’d like to learn more about our program and how we help develop our student-athletes into “Champions on the mat and in life,” please feel free to check out our Facebook page or this website!

If you have any questions please feel free to email Varsity Head Coach Pete Jacobson at peter.jacobson@edgemontwrestling.org or Coach Chesterson at jchesterson@edgemont.org.

Practices start Monday 11/27!

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